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Why use us to build your website?...
...Because we connect you with more of Bucks County than anyone (period.)  

Finally it makes sense for local businesses to have a website!!!  
Does your business need help squeezing the internet down to where your customers can find you...? We are your local connections;,,,, and, And we love love love social networking... well connected on facebook, Twitter and a slew of social networks! We funnel relevant traffic in your direction!  

For only $150.00!!! We will build your website and link you up!!! This rate includes your own domain name, and the building of your website. Email us a paragraph or two of your most important information  Tell us the essence of what you do and we will focus on the marketing; include: Business name, phone, physical & email address and your hours of operation. Write about a paragraph to a half page best describing your business: (hint: think about why your customers/clients like doing business with you, please don’t be shy here.) We want Bucks County to know the: Who, What, Where, and Why!

Mail in your membership form and start making more connections today!